El tiempo en Barcelona: Pronóstico a 15 dias

Condiciones actuales

Nubes pasajeras. Fresco.
Temperatura 13 °C Temp. sentida12 °C
Velocidad del viento11 km/h Presión atmosférica1014.23
Dirección del vientoNoroeste Humedad82 %

Pronóstico 14 días - Completo
Día     Temp. Max. Temp. Min. Velocidad del viento Índice UV
Viernes Nubes altas. Templado. 22°C 12°C 18km/h Moderado
Sábado Parcialmente nublado. Templado. 18°C 13°C 19km/h Moderado
Domingo Principalmente nublado. Templado. 20°C 13°C 11km/h Mínima
Lunes Algunos aguaceros. Más nublado que soleado. Templado. 20°C 14°C 14km/h Bajo
Martes Algunos aguaceros. Parcialmente soleado. Templado. 20°C 12°C 16km/h Bajo
Miércoles Nubes por la mañana. Templado. 22°C 14°C 21km/h Moderado
Jueves Nubes a última hora. Templado. 21°C 14°C 18km/h Moderado
Viernes Más soleado que nublado. Templado. 18°C 13°C 8km/h Moderado
Sábado Más soleado que nublado. Fresco. 15°C 10°C 28km/h Moderado
Domingo Más soleado que nublado. Fresco. 16°C 10°C 11km/h Moderado
Lunes Soleado. Fresco. 16°C 10°C 9km/h Moderado
Martes Principalmente soleado. Templado. 17°C 12°C 11km/h Moderado
Miércoles Nubes altas. Templado. 19°C 12°C 7km/h Moderado
Jueves Soleado. Templado. 20°C 13°C 4km/h Moderado
Viernes Soleado. Templado. 21°C 15°C 3km/h Moderado

18/04/2014 07:29


Promedios anuales en Barcelona
Promedio ºC Max. ºC Min. ºC Días de Lluvia
Enero 12,2 15 9,4 11
Febrero 11,7 14,6 8,8 4
Marzo 16,2 19,5 12,8 9
Abril 14,7 17,4 12,1 5
Mayo 18 20,5 15,6 11
Junio 21,7 23,8 19,7 3
Julio 23,9 26,1 21,6 6
Agosto 25,6 27,5 23,7 3
Septiembre 21 23,6 18,4 10
Octubre 20,8 23,6 18 9
Noviembre 13,4 16,6 10,2 10
Diciembre 9,2 12,4 5,9 2
Promedio Anual 17,4 20,1 14,7 83

Sus comentarios : tiempo barcelona

waoou 17°.. lot better than in may country!
- ZR
(22 mar 2013 - 09:15)
17°.. cant' believe it.. I'm coming soon!
- hajer
(19 mar 2013 - 08:45)
plz i would like to come the end of march!!will be nice?
weather in May
- fred
(18 mar 2013 - 07:45)
weather in May in Barcelona is real cool. Starts to be quite hot (compared to other cities more in the north of Europe). a great destination at that time of the year
Weather the beginning of May
- Deller
(13 mar 2013 - 09:15)
I going to be in Barcelona in may , what will the weather be like?
not snowing..
- cool
(12 mar 2013 - 09:30)
at least one city in europe where it's not snowing today. Cool
what is weather going to be like end of feb begining of march?
- on the way to Barcelona
(21 feb 2013 - 08:45)
Im going to be visiting Barcelona on 28 Feb until 2 march, what will weather be like
nice day
- love bcn
(17 feb 2013 - 09:30)
love this city when weather is nice like today..
really cool
- everet
(13 feb 2013 - 09:00)
coming soon glad to see that weather is really cool this week. 10° more than in my country.
Weather in Barcelona to 9 feb. 2013
- Camille
(5 feb 2013 - 09:00)
Hello all !!! What is the weather in Barcelona for the 7/8/9/10 feb 2013 ????
thanks for your reponse
5° in Berlin
- hans
(30 ene 2013 - 01:00)
3° C in Berlin and 13° in Barcelona. You know why I'm gald to be there next week-end ;-)
- harry
(26 ene 2013 - 11:30)
help with weather from 1st feb 2013
few showers this week end
- nooo
(18 ene 2013 - 09:15)
bad luck this time with few showers this week end in Barcelona. I know it's winter.. with barcelona we always expect more ;-)
F.Cbarcelona is a good soccer team
- kanya west
(16 ene 2013 - 00:45)
thank you
nice weekend
- feria
(23 nov 2012 - 08:15)
nice weekend to come again. great to go there.
wahoou 18° this week!
- anahu
(20 nov 2012 - 08:30)
Glad to see the temps in Barcelona this coming week: 17,18, 17°.. goooood.
Lot better than in Berlin ;-)
Bella settimana
- ole
(19 nov 2012 - 08:15)
Un bello tempo. Sono contento di avere scelto questa settimana
19°.. great
- strw
(14 nov 2012 - 08:30)
thought it was going to be coolder: 19° is fine for me.
great week
- sun
(12 nov 2012 - 09:15)
hope even more sun but gald for the temps
pretty cool..
- wasto
(7 nov 2012 - 08:00)
glad to see that it's not to cold in bcn.. cool
weather in Barca
- hqmq
(2 nov 2012 - 09:00)
It is just P E R F E C T, 21°C,sunny and a little wind...
great week end
- frd
(28 oct 2012 - 09:00)
sunny barcelona this week-end. Beautiful
24-29 november
- :)
(27 oct 2012 - 10:30)
coming for first visit but sadly dose'nt look very warm :( hopefully it dose'nt rain!
not so bad
- son
(22 oct 2012 - 08:45)
20°,21° a lot better than in many cities of Europe. This means you can wear t-shirt this week.
dear Kate,
- the sun
(20 oct 2012 - 16:00)
i've checked for you and the weather come november is terrible. sorry. :(
Arriving Barcelona 6th November
- Kate
(19 oct 2012 - 08:30)
Can you please help with expected weather from 6th to 20th November.
19 and 20 october
- andrew
(17 oct 2012 - 14:45)
Oh my God, only rain...I'm coming by rain!
sunny today
- Bosco Tomtim
(17 oct 2012 - 08:45)
one great day today! yeah!
Tossa De Mar
- Suzanne
(11 oct 2012 - 10:15)
I am off to Tossa De Mar on Sunday I'm hoping for some sunny weather ?
sunny today?
- wik
(8 oct 2012 - 06:45)
hope it's gonna be sunny today: i'm cominggg
a full week at 25°.. great
- summer
(5 oct 2012 - 09:30)
a full week at 25°.. fine for me even it seems a bit cloudy. Great!
Température à Barcelona
- Francine, Montréal, Canada
(3 oct 2012 - 09:00)
Nous sommes allés à Barcelona du 8 au 16 septembre 2011, nous avons tellement adoré que nous y sommes retournés cette année pour la même période. Durant ces deux séjours, je n'ai jamais vu un seul nuage, toujours 32 degrés. C'est une ville absolument fantastique. Nous avons beaucoup voyagé, nous en avons vu des villes, Barcelona n'est peut-être pas la plus belle de toutes, mais de toutes, c'est celle qui a pris notre coeur pour toujours par tout ce qu'elle a à offrir. L'art, la plage, le magasinage, la température et les gens sont adorables. Il y a de l'ambiance dans cette ville-là, parce qu'il y a toujours du monde partout. C'est merveilleux.....Vous savez quoi, on rêve déjà d'y retourner.
une belle semaine
- yaoou
(2 oct 2012 - 08:30)
Une très belle semaine à venir.. quand même extraordinaire. Vive Barcelone
Whether Barcelona
- Johan
(30 sep 2012 - 10:45)
Only rain today :-((
Barcelona weather
- Ruby
(21 sep 2012 - 10:00)
What is the weather forecast for next week in Barcelona please.
- Joy
(20 sep 2012 - 10:45)
Been in Barcelona for 3 days, been very cloudy, rained heavy yesterday! Meant to get better but still cloudy at the moment:-((
never cloudy
- bcn
(19 sep 2012 - 08:45)
in fact cloudy weather doesn't last very long when the city is on the coast.. nice week to come in fact
- Roulla
(19 sep 2012 - 08:45)
what will the weather be like in october mid to end.
- irene
(14 sep 2012 - 09:30)
can someone tell me what the weather will be like in october mid to end thanks
26° and sunny
- yess
(13 sep 2012 - 09:45)
26° and sunny. Great week-end to come! i'll be there ;-)
Barcelona Weather
- Me
(12 sep 2012 - 19:00)
Going to Barca for a week on Monday..hoping these forecasts or rain I've seen dotted about the web aren't true! I need some sun!
- fred
(6 sep 2012 - 10:00)
departing from cold winter arriving 06/09 looking forward to a sunny welcome
- emma
(4 sep 2012 - 08:30)
Will be Barcelona tomorrow for five says hope the weather be nice and hot
weather in sep
- viyola
(3 sep 2012 - 10:30)
hello, it's will my first time in barca on 19 sep- 24 sep
would be hot? rainy? please let me know

thank u
how is the weather
- urgent
(31 ago 2012 - 14:30)
I will come to Barcelona on 25 October how is the weather there???? And which place the best one in Barcelona????
With your reply soon thanks
- Kiev Tourists
(31 ago 2012 - 10:00)
Raining whole day... and it will be more :(
- chan
(24 ago 2012 - 13:15)
First time in barcelona. what's weather like fr 19/09-22/09. what recommendation
to offer n other advise.
- Chantal
(24 ago 2012 - 13:15)
We arrive on Sept 12th, what will be the weather forecast? Is it too cold to go for a swim in the sea?
Barcelona weather
- K
(23 ago 2012 - 13:00)
It's been hot and humid so far, great beach weather!
Le temps et la température à Barcelone du 17 au 24 août
- Shaddada@me.com
(12 ago 2012 - 22:15)
Nous partons en famille à Barcelone du 17 au 24 août quel est la température et quel temps fera t-i?

- Cyprus
(10 ago 2012 - 10:15)
Hi i will arrive in Barcelona 15 of octomber what is the weather? what clothes to bring its hot? warm? or cold?
yeahh great weather
- coming soon
(8 ago 2012 - 21:15)
great weather for my stay in barcelona. yesss
Weather August
- Ingrid
(7 ago 2012 - 10:00)
The weather in August is the hotest of the year. It's usually to have temperatures of more than 30 degrees easily. This week (6th-12) the temperatures go down (22-25 ºC) but it's better because its too hot. The heat's sensation is greater because the atmosphere is very humid
Barcelona after 2 days
- new
(3 ago 2012 - 09:30)
Will go in Barcelona after 2 days for next 2 weeks, hope that will be normal there, not hot but not cold ( cold summer in Barca .. :)))) )
- jackie
(22 jul 2012 - 10:30)
As I live in the west coast of Scotland I can't wait for some sunshine as we have had constant rain in July
great weather
- yesss
(18 jul 2012 - 09:30)
can't wait to be in barcelona.. coming from north europa where weather is awfull lately.. yesss
il fait beau!!
- enfin
(15 jul 2012 - 11:00)
Totalement ravi par ce temps sublime à Barcelone. j'ai enfin échappé au temps maussade de Paris.. oufff
Barcelona weather
- danie
(12 jul 2012 - 09:30)
Weather in Barcelona is amazing for those who like it hot!!! Been here for a week and it's been hot everyday!!!
enfin une ville avec du beau temps!
- vacances
(12 jul 2012 - 09:30)
une belle semaine en perspective. Quel bonheur!
- salemsparklys
(11 jul 2012 - 07:30)
arriving 14th with 3 children, one of which is 1 so wondering if its advisable to bring his raincover for his stroller?
weather 14th-17th
- julie
(10 jul 2012 - 08:30)
hey, a danish forecast suggests that it will be rainy in the weekend to come. Is that true?
- mrs stewart
(9 jul 2012 - 07:45)
we are arriving on the 15th july so would like to know what to expect weather wise. I like it hot
First Time in BARCA,YAY !
- Amy
(8 jul 2012 - 06:15)
Hey, I am arriving to Barcelona next Sat, and I am wondering how hot is it? What would be convenient to wear while shopping and touring? Thanks
weather always good
- sdsd
(7 jul 2012 - 07:00)
I love Barcelona
- ggggg
(4 jul 2012 - 09:00)
sunnnnnnnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes
sunny and hot
- yeahhh
(27 jun 2012 - 10:30)
great week in Barcelona and i'm arriving soon! yeahhh
- me
(15 jun 2012 - 09:00)
Weather for barcelona from 18th-22nd
- Ben Jones
(14 jun 2012 - 08:15)
What is the weather from 18th-22nd in Barcelona expecting sunny and hot but i know they sometimes have thunderstorms. Any risk of storms or just sunny and warm.
more than 26°..
- me
(12 jun 2012 - 13:45)
More than 26° right now.. a beautiful week in Barcelona. Love it!
- sue
(10 jun 2012 - 09:45)
going to Barcelona Monday any updates on weather of late?!!!
assuming brolly and waterproof a must along with bikini and sunhat!!!!!
- Silvia
(8 jun 2012 - 20:30)
How is the weather now in Barcelona? I will arrive tomorrow from Italy.
Thank you!
- Chaos
(6 jun 2012 - 10:30)
Sunny and 24 C at the Moment:-)
travelling to barca sun 10th
- tony k
(6 jun 2012 - 10:30)
whats weather gona be like?
Current weather
- Erika
(5 jun 2012 - 08:00)
Sunshine, clouds, sunshine! T-shirt is enough! Enjoy!! :-D
Current Weather
- Relics
(4 jun 2012 - 22:15)
Hey all - It rained a bit this morning but overall is quite pleasant. A tad on the warm side though, so I'd pack light clothes.
Weather in Barcelona
- KK
(3 jun 2012 - 10:45)
Travelling to Barcelona tomorrow. Weather forecast keeps changing. Help - what is correct weather forecast?? What's the weather like at the moment?
barca weather
- l clements
(2 jun 2012 - 12:45)
Hi barca peeps travelling in the morning 2-june-12 wat threads shud i pack

Weather In Barcelona
- Chris
(29 may 2012 - 22:00)
Weather is warm and sunny during the daytime but cooler at night.
- sandra
(29 may 2012 - 22:00)
how s the weathe for Barclona ? Be there on Saturday for the bikes racing
- Amanda Roberts
(29 may 2012 - 14:45)
Just wandering if the weather in Barcelona is nice, as packing mostly summer clothes ???
t-shirts all week long
- tom
(28 may 2012 - 13:15)
Easy to understand that with temp it's t-shirts for all this week ;-)
- jay
(28 may 2012 - 08:30)
What is the weather like. Coming there on Tuesday and want to know what clothes to bring
- Gill
(26 may 2012 - 09:00)
weather hot and sunny...Need shorts for daytime. Nights cooler need to bring cardi or lightweigh jacket.
Weather at the mo!
- Marrssshaaaa
(24 may 2012 - 13:45)

What is the weather like at the moment? Me and mi amigos are visiting on the 30th and want to know what to pack!

27th may weather
- Ruth
(22 may 2012 - 07:00)
Hi....can you tell me what the weather is like at the moment...i am visiting on the 27th may, do i need to bring warm clothes or will shorts and t shirt be ok and perhaps something a bit warmer for the evenings
barcelona weather
- yasis
(21 may 2012 - 20:15)
hi guys..!

i am in barcelona,weather is going to be change for HOT, next coming days the weather should be so hot, i hope my info should be correct,

Enjoy ya..!
abigail y sus hermanos
- abigail perèz zavaleta
(12 may 2012 - 15:45)
hola, que habra olas en la playa ? hará mucho calor aunque sea 23 grados ara calo? espero que si aga porque hoy me voi a la playa
- silvia
(7 may 2012 - 08:45)
me gustaria saber que dia hara el 27 de mayo de 2012
in barcelona
- nai
(5 may 2012 - 09:00)
Hi everyone!
I'm in Barcelona right now and the weather It's ok, not as hot as to wear shorts but neither too cold to wear a jacket; with some pants and a t-shirt u'll be ok. Maybe you can bring something to put over the t-shirt if it's windy. i hope my info will be useful.
Barcelona weather
- Anne - Toronto, Canada
(3 may 2012 - 19:30)
Loved seeing people's comments on blog. I am heading to BCN for a week as of Saturday May 5th. We're all wondering what to pack. Re- spring changeable weather /rain comment...the weather says sunny for next week. Is it possible even though they're calling for sun it can rain heavy a bit off & on during the day. I was in Chicago last fall and the weather was crazy - raining off & on all day with bright sunny periods in between. Just wondering if Barcelona has that type of weather pattern as well. (at least now I have a super long thin raincoat I will be bringing - just in case - plus heading to London after BCN)
Weather today in Barcelona
- Tourist
(2 may 2012 - 16:00)
Hi everyone,

I am going to Barcelona tomorrow for a 5 days, and I would like to know is there is a need for shorts and slipper, or the long jeans and jumper? Shoul I consider taking swimsuit, or it is toooooo cold?
Thank you,

- criss
(1 may 2012 - 19:45)
gent mi dite x favore l abbigliamento che serve ora a barcellona?
weather... clothes
- BCN resident
(1 may 2012 - 10:00)
Weather info!
Hi, in case anyone wants some BCN weather/clothes tips.....at the moment it is the unstable (wet) season in Barcelona that happens in the Spring before the summer arrives. It means the some days it can rain VERY heavy.... but it normally only lasts a very short time, and the sun could be shining after 30 minutes. Apart from the rain, it is starting to get hotter. In the city from 8am to 8pm it is generally hot. At the moment it gets dark at about 9pm, after dark you would need a light jacket. During the day, a dress and sandals would be fine.....but also bring a very light jacket that you could put on, in case of a thunder storm!
weather for TUES & wed next week
- Hi
(29 abr 2012 - 10:15)
going to Barcelona for 3 days on Monday Hows the weather, will it be warm or do we need clothes that we wear at home in Manchester
Wheater May
- A visitor :)
(28 abr 2012 - 10:30)
Hello dears. My friend and I go on 1th may to BCN. Do you think it's possible to wear a dress with sandals during the day? Or summer clothing anyway and something warmer for the evenings (trousers and jacket)?
- cruiser
(27 abr 2012 - 09:45)
how is the weather like in barcelona in june planning to go on a cruise and would like to stay in barcelona for five day
Weater in Barcelona rigth now
- Renate
(27 abr 2012 - 09:45)
It has been a nice, warm and sunny day in Barcelona. Rigth now some clouds are comming in. Bring wind jacket, the wind is cold!
weather in barcelona
- barb
(26 abr 2012 - 22:30)
Going to Barcelona tonight - anyone there that can share the weather? Do we need closed shes and rain coat for the forcast rain? How cold is it really?
- Eliza
(26 abr 2012 - 22:30)
Hi guys heading to barca from Sunday to Thursday not too sure what to pack? Anybody got any ideas
el tiempo
- Juju
(26 abr 2012 - 22:30)
sittin in the sun and really hot:) But it is not yet as warm as it supposed to be.. bring a jacket for the evening !
weather in MAy
- jennieja77
(26 abr 2012 - 08:45)
Hi we're heading to cambrils on May 15th. Has anyone any idea what the weather will be like then. I hope it's going to be good!

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